Firm History

Fireguard Inspection Agency, Inc. was founded in 2009 to meet the growing demand of qualified firms performing Special Inspections in New York City.  As an experienced fire protection inspection firm and Class 1 Special Inspection Agency, we provide Special Inspections of all new fire or altered sprinkler and standpipe projects, BC 1704.23 and BC 1704.24.  We also provide NFPA 25 sprinkler and standpipe inspections as required by the NYC Fire Code.  We are well qualified to perform retrofit Special Inspections associated with Local Law 26/2004 compliance due by July 1, 2019.

Few fire sprinkler inspection firms can provide the same level of attention and experience as Fireguard Inspection Agency, Inc.  As the primary inspector for the firm, every project receives my personal attention.  With over 40 years industry experience as a contractor, installer, designer and inspector on a countless number of projects, I am able to draw on a life time of fire protection experience to ensure that a code compliant fire protection system is properly installed, tested and inspected.

Martin A. Bowe, CET